Interventions and support

We supplement our curriculum with additional interventions and support activities. These are targeted towards children who need additional help with areas of their learning and also as a reward for excellent rainbow learner behaviours. Currently these include:

Early Birds

This is a free breakfast club for selected invited children. It includes a free breakfast and activities and games designed to support learning and progress. each half term has a different focus. Currently the early birds are working on improving their spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Nurture group

This runs every afternoon and supports children with their behaviour and emotional development. It is run by Miss Johnson and Mrs Robinson in the nurture room.

Speech and Language

We have a qualified speech therapist who works in school for a day per fortnight. Miss Baldacchino also runs speech and language interventions each day in addition to this. This takes place in the library.

Maths and English

Mrs Hodgson and Mrs Fish run specific maths and English based interventions each afternoon. These help to support individuals and small groups of children who require additional support with their learning. These sessions take place in the intervention room.

Forest school

Miss Baldacchino has recently begun leading a forest school group in our grounds. This is open currently to children who are our lead learners as a reward for their consistently excellent attitude. They are learning many outdoor skills as well as independence and teamwork.

Stay and play

This session operates every Wednesday afternoon in our hall and is run by staff from the children's centre. It allows families with younger children to benefit from the facilities we have and the expertise of the children's centre staff.


FEET (families enjoying education together) sessions run during the half term before children are due to start our nursery. Through these families can meet the staff, see the depth of our provision and experience a little slice of life in caterpillars.