Jeremy's Club

Introduction to Jeremy's Club

We are a group of parents who want to work together with school to help improve our children’s education. We are called ‘Jeremy’s’ because we decided that helping in school was more important than staying home surrounded by daytime TV like Jeremy Kyle! Please join us – the more the merrier! Would you rather stay at home watching Jeremy or come into school and help your children?

Recent events

  • Wild creature workshops
  • Halloween dress up - £150 raised
  • Christmas fayre - £610 raised

 Thankyou to everyone who helped with these events.

We have used some of the money raised at these events to buy water coolers for the classrooms and prizes for the swap shop.


Tour de Yorkshire

We have also set up the school choir and they were a great success recently when they sang at the Knottingley stage of the Tour de Yorkshire. Look at the fantastic pictures of this event.