Primary Sports Funding

England Lane Academy – Sports Funding Report

2016 - 17 Report can be found in Statutory Information


In 2015-16 England Lane Academy received £9,250 to spend on improving the teaching of PE and sport within the academy. This was used to fund high quality PE teaching and CPD from a company called ‘Live and Learn Sports’ and for rugby and dance clubs and curriculum sessions organised through Castleford Tigers RFC. The impact of this was positive with an improved enthusiasm for PE and sport among children, an improved level of engagement and inclusion in PE activities leading to improving levels of ability (see assessments from Live and Learn Sports) and increasing confidence amongst school staff. As a result of this positive movement the spending plan for 2016-17 is similar to that above.



Staff involved



High quality PE teaching, weekly, from Live and Learn Sports professionals for every class.

£8650 per year

All class teachers

  • Children receive high quality PE lessons throughout the year across the full range of activities and sports.
  • The quality of PE teaching has been very strong. This year the staff have led swimming sessions as well as sports in school which has been beneficial to children and teachers.

CPD for every teacher through observation of and team teaching in these sessions.

All class teachers

  • Through observations and participation each class teacher develops their confidence in teaching PE and knowledge of how to deliver high quality PE lessons.
  •  Staff feel more confident in some areas of PE through this. Areas such as dance need to have a greater focus next year as this is the area many teachers lack confidence in.

Improvement of engagement in sport through running of lunchtime clubs and organisation of events such as ‘race at our place’ Race for Life.

All class teachers plus lunchtime supervisors.

  • More children will take part in extra curricular sports activities.
  • Engagement and positive behaviour during lunchtimes will be improved.
  • Lunchtime supervisors will gain useful CPD.
  •  Lunchtime clubs have run and need to be extended next year.
  • Engagement and behaviour has improved on the days when this has happened.
  • CPD for  lunchtime supervisors needs further development as they have been unable to fully watch the club due to other duties.
  • In 2015-16 the club has been moved to before school due to changes to lunchtime arrangements.

Cross academy sporting fixtures and events led by the SSCO from the high school.

£3,000 in total - £600 funded through the grant.

PE lead

  • More children will take part in a wider range of sporting fixtures.
  • Staff from the high school will be able to nurture talented sports people from a younger age.
  • Inter – academy healthy competition is generated and celebrated.
  •  These events have been well attended and we progressed to the Wakefield finals of the Y6 cricket competition this year.

CPD for specific areas of school as needed led by the SSCO.

Reception teacher, Year 4/5 teacher during 2014-15.

Dance lessons led 2015-16 as this is an area where some staff lack confidence.

Rugby for Y3 and Y5 during 2016-17

  • Teachers will feel more confident and be more knowledgeable leading to the delivery of more high quality PE sessions through the academy.
  •  This has led to some improvement  in the areas it has been used but needs to be developed with more consistency next year to see the full impact. The use of taught sessions for dance should help this further.

Use of a high quality scheme of work for PE developed by SSCO.

All staff

  • Teachers’ planning will be improved leading to delivery of more high quality sport across the academy.
  •  This scheme has been helpful to staff but needs to be used more effectively by our own teachers. Now the PE lead staff  work more closely with less confident staff to ensure this is embedded fully.