Feedback from parents and children

We often look into how our children think and feel about school and activities. Please see our recent surveys below and see what the pupils and parents of England Lane Academy have to say! 2017's survey is coming during the spring term. Please help us by completing and returning it.

You can also access details of parent suggestions and our actions or give your own views and suggestions at our parent zone page here. This also includes a 'you said - we did' section showing actions taken in response to your concerns and suggestions.

2014 - children's survey

Most positive areas: 

  • We are expected to do our best.
  • We know when we are doing well and how to improve.
  • Lots of after school clubs.
  • A good amount of homework.
Areas for development:
  • School is untidy.
  • Some people don't behave well.
  • Some of the work isn't interesting.
2015 - Children's survey

Most positive areas:
  • More of us enjoy school.
  • We feel safe.
  • The work is now more exciting.
  • The school looks much nicer.
Areas for development:
  • Knowing our targets.
  • Getting enough help in every class.
2016 Children's Survey

Most positive areas:
  • We enjoy school
  • We feel safe
  • Behaviour has improved
  • We get the help we need.
Areas for development:
  • After school activities.
2014 parents' survey
Most positive areas:
  • School has high expectations.
  • Children get the help and support they need.
  • Most adults and children have a positive attitude.
Areas for development:
  • Parents don't feel welcome in school.
  • The school is not well thought of in the community.
  • Communication is not always well organised.
2015 parents' survey

Most positive areas:
  • Pupils have a more positive attitude.
  • Parents are encouraged into school.
  • Staff are committed to the school and improvements.
Areas for development:
  • I get the information I need to help my child.
  • Community involvement needs further improvement.
2016 parents' survey

Most positive areas:
  • Children are safe in school.
  • Concerns are listened to.
  • Behaviour has improved (reported by KS2 parents).
Areas for development:
  • The school's perception within the community
You can also give your opinion about England Lane on Ofsted's 'Parent View' portal.