Staff List 2017-2018

el3Mr A Yeomans and Mr D Irving - Joint Heads of Academy

Mrs T Bartle - Executive Principal

Mrs A Wilson - Vice Principal and Year 6 Teacher

Mrs J Rowe– Assistant Principal and Year 5

Miss K Robertshaw - Year 4 Teacher

Mr D Oakley - Year 3 Teacher

Mrs J Beedle - Year 2 Teacher

Mr J Stone- Year 1 Teacher

Mrs A South – EYFS

Mrs K Furnival - Director of Learning - Delta

Mrs S Johnson – HLTA

Mrs S Hodgson – Cover Supervisor 

Mrs M Fish – Cover Supervisor

Miss G Johnson – Cover Supervisor

Mrs C Houston – NNEB

Mrs J Scott Ward – Teaching Assistant 

Mrs R Atkinson – Teaching Assistant 

Mrs K Ramskill – Teaching Assistant 

Mrs J Allen – Teaching Assistant 

Mrs G Miller- Teaching Assistant

Mrs D Tucker – Senior Office Administrator

Mrs C Carratt – Office Administrator

Mrs L Robinson - Finance Officer

Mr N Cartwright - Site Supervisor

Mrs C Carratt - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs E Maith - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs K Wilkinson - Breakfast Club Supervisor and Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs K Hay - Lunchtime Supervisor 

Mrs L Crisp - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs J Roberts - Head Cook

Mrs A French - Second Cook 


Designated person for child protection - Mrs Amanda Wilson

Deputy people for child protection - Mrs Joanne Rowe

SENCo - Mrs Paula Harris