Unexpected Closures and Bad Weather Closure

Unexpected closure

In the event of an unexpected academy closure parents will be notified as soon as possible via text. We will endeavour to keep up to date information regarding any closure on the ‘Home Page’ of this website. A further text will be sent to parents to confirm when the academy will re-open.

Snow & Bad Weather Closure Information

In extreme circumstances school may be closed due to bad weather. The school will generally only not open if it seems clear that it would be hazardous for a significant number of staff and pupils to get to school or if insufficient numbers of staff can get into school to ensure adequate supervision of pupils. 

The responsibility for the closure of the school rests with the Headteacher Mrs Thompson, notice of such closure will be sent out via text message to all parent/carers and also placed on the local authority website. Please click here to view any current school closures in the Wakefield area.