Breakfast club and early birds

Breakfast club

We offer breakfast club provision every day from 8.00 am until 8.45 am. This has a range of cereals, drinks and toast with games and activities to follow.

There is a small charge for this in most cases.

Early birds

This is an additional breakfast club provision for selected children in years 1 to 6. They are able to attend for free and will have supported learning activities and games to take part in once they have finished their breakfast. Attendance at this club is by invitation.

SATs breakfast club

This is a further additional breakfast club for children in year 2 and 6 during the spring and summer term up to their SATs assessments. It is also free to attend.


Further details were given at the SATs parents' meeting in January. If you were unable to attend this meeting it is vital that you make an appointment to see Mrs Thompson or your child's class teacher.