Academy Council

At England Lane Academy we have a fantastic Academy Council that have been elected by their peers to represent their views and ideas to help continue to make England Lane Academy an excellent learning environment for all children and to continue to develop relationships with the environment and wider community. The Council have displayed a fantastic attitude towards their roles and responsibilities and are extremely eager during meetings, events and are setting excellent examples around the academy.

So far, the Academy Council have decided that they would like the community jar funds to be donated to a local dog charity called Ruffs Rescue in Knottingley, who rescue and rehome dogs.

The Academy Council also decided what kind of toys and games should go into our Swap Shop.

The Council were also challenged with an immense task of gathering Easter egg donations to ensure that every child in school receives an Easter egg this Easter. 

WOW! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! The children contacted local companies explaining their challenge and we were overwhelmed with the response. Caddick Construction donated over 50 Easter eggs, Tilly’s Kitchen and Coffee Lounge at Junction 32 Shopping Outlet donated over 100 eggs, and local charity worker’s Sally turner and Julie Johnson  donated crocheted bunnies, Smartie tubes and chocolate oranges. The response was phenomenal and the council were brilliant at receiving these donations and delivering them to the children in school. 

The Academy Council managed to get so many donations that every single pupil at the academy went home with an Easter Egg this year!

We are continuing to develop the Academy Council and they have decided that next they would like to discuss the playtime equipment we have and come up with ideas to raise money to purchase more equipment. The council have also decided that they would like to discuss recycling within school, how we can help the environment and how we can continue to maintain and build relationships within the wider community. 

Academy Council meet Yvette Cooper MP

Our academy council had a visit from Yvette Cooper MP. The council prepared questions to ask Yvette based on what a council is, the structure of the council and what is expected of a council. The academy council also prepared questions relating to Yvette’s job and what it entails and what her beliefs are. The children were very respectful, they valued what she had to say and showed great pride in their academy council role. The children were eager to know more and more and would like to invite Yvette back to do more work with the council and within the academy. 

As a result of Yvette’s visit, the academy council are following up requests that were made to have road signs put up, speed bumps and other road safety measures put in place outside England Lane Academy to make it safe for children and families when arriving at and leaving school.