Pupil Rewards

At England Lane, we promote positive attitudes and behaviour by way of rewards. We do this in two ways;

1) Our Swap Shop, where pupils can spend dojos on rewards for themselves, or gifts for loved ones;

2) Our Community Jar, where pupils place community beads, given for acts of helpfulness and kindness towards others, or actions which make our academy an even better place for us.

Our Swap Shop is run by our Y6 Shopkeepers. It is open Tuesday-Friday lunchtimes for 30 minutes and on Friday afternoons between 2:30pm and 3:00pm, for VIPs. Pupils are given tickets by our lunchtime supervisors and they can go and choose something to spend their dojos on. Pupils can spend small amounts or save up for something bigger. At certain times of the year, there are limited edition items, which can be bought by pupils for loved ones. Examples would be Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day. Our friendly Y6 shop keepers are on-hand to help and assist customers with their choices.

At the end of the week, shopkeepers are paid for their work (in dojos) by our Y6 Accountants.

Special events and special occasions

Mothers’ Day – Pupils had the opportunity to spend some of their savings (dojos) on a present for mum, or a person at home who is just like mum. This year they gave the gift of a lovely keyring and a tealight (battery powered) in a special little presentation bag. Cost to the pupils – 200D! Y6s applied for some temp work. They had to put the gift sets together and write on the tags ‘love from …’ They were also paid in dojos! Pupils were also given the opportunity to ‘gift’ dojos to pupils who didn’t quite have enough to bug one of their own!

This is our Community Jar. It is placed on the corridor, where all pupils pass from time to time. Pupils are given community beads for acts of kindness and helpfulness towards others, of for actions which make our academy an even better place. Once the academy has collected 200 beads, the Academy Council are given £50 to spend on something which makes our academy community a better place. It could be food for the food bank, or a donation to a local charity, gifts for residents of the local care home.