Dallowgill is a wonderful outdoor education centre where pupils in Years 6 and 4 visit each year. Trevor Holmes, the Centre manager says "Dallowgill is situated in the heart of Nidderdale, an area of “Outstanding Natural Beauty”. Whilst the setting of the centre lends itself to nature and environment-based activities, the area is rich in history and has provided inspiration for artists, poets and writers throughout time. The possibilities for activities that can take place at Dallowgill are endless and each visit is a unique experience for pupils and staff."

Year 6 Residential 2023

Our year 6 students had a wonderful time at Dallowgill, on their residential. We braved both the rain and sunshine and embraced every activity and opportunity with open arms and a set of ‘in awe’ eyes.

The children had 2 full days full of fun-filled, memory making activities. These ranged from making beds on arrival (who knew a simple task could bring so many tears of laughter and jot to all involved), den and bridge building, competing in a game of pooh sticks, making pizzas and burgers to enjoy on the BBQ, toasting marshmallows in the open fire (all health and safety procedures followed rigorously, of course), having ‘no device’ down time with friends learning how to play those traditional board games, such as battleships and Jenga, taking team building to new levels, working in small groups and whole class groups in non classroom environments, to becoming photography masters, immersing themselves behind a lenses whilst taking nature walks in the heart of Nidderdale.

The children consistently showed respect to everyone and their environment and were excellent ambassadors of England Lane.