Sporting Enrichment

KS2 Tag Rugby Festival

KS2 thoroughly enjoyed participating in their first competition of the year. We played against 5 other schools within Wakefield and were outstanding ambassadors for England Lane.

LKS2 Basketball Festival

A group of children from Years 3 and 4 competed in a basketball competition against 4 other schools form Knottingley and Pontefract. The children were able to learn new skills and strategies in the morning to apply apply these to real game play in the afternoon. All of our children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were great sportspeople.

KS2 World Sports Festival

10 children from KS2 participated in a World Sports Festival. They spent a full morning immersed in sports form around the world, such as; Kabaddi, Kin Ball and Danish Longball. Our children claim that this has been their favourite competition yet and love learning how to play these sports in their PE lessons too. It is safe to say that we were ecstatic when it was announced we had won first place in Kabaddi. A very well deserved win too.

KS1 Gymnastics & Dance Festival

10 children from years 1 and 2 were invited to take part in a gymnastics and dance festival. Our children had to learn a dance routine to Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars that incorporated rhythm, control and coordination as well as a selection of gymnastic skills such as, balance, jumps and rolls. Our children were incredibly focused throughout the day and were incredible ambassadors for our school. The hard work, enjoyment and determination payed off as we came first out of 13 other schools. We were judged on the skills displayed in the performance and earnt an incredible 19 out of 20 points.

Delta Games

In summer 1 our academy took part in the annual Delta Game competition. It was a very cold and windy day but the 16 children from years 4, 5 & 6 all represented England Lane with incredible resilience and respect. Each student valued every competitor, cheering everyone on to the very end – an excellence show of sportsmanship. our ethos of being safe and valued certainly shone through every pupil. A huge well done to each and every one.