Attendance matters. Coming to school on time, every day is vital to achieving the best possible outcomes as well as learning good habits which will benefit everyone in the future.

The weekly attendance assembly

Every week the academy gets together to look at how each class is getting on with attendance. It is the regular opportunity to remind pupils of the importance of punctuality and coming to school “every single day” as we like to say together.

The attendance teddy

Each week, our attendance teddy is given to the class or classes with the highest attendance. Teddy sits at the front of the class all week, helping pupils learn. Every day, at lights down story time, Teddy is cuddled by a pupil who has had a particularly great day!

Attendance tiles

When a class has a 100% attendance day, or has won tiles by way of the snakes and ladders game, they get to letter to spell out England Lane Academy. Once all letters have been won, the class is awarded £10 to spend on whatever they choose. Pupils can bank their money, or save up for something. This decision is made democratically of course!

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